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Town of Mansfield

The Mansfield Town Council voted on June 23, 2014, to approve a two-year collaboration with the University of Connecticut Community School of the Arts. Dean Brid Grant explained that the University is “very anxious, in the spirit of collaboration, to work with partners to make the community school stronger than it is so that we can continue to provide first-quality arts education to the people of Mansfield.” After two year trial-period, the University and the Town of Mansfield will evaluate the efficacy of a continuous implementation of the collaboration to provide arts education.

The Community School of the Arts extends its offerings not only to Mansfield residents, but also to all residents of Eastern Connecticut. The Community School of the Arts and the Town of Mansfield have not established a new definition for CSA, but they are exploring their unified efforts as one approach for future arts education available to all individuals in Eastern Connecticut.